A r c h i t e c t u r e  and  D e s i g n

Paolo Bandini Architect

Genova (GE)

Phone. 010 868 4978

Mail.  archipaolobandini@gmail.com
P.IVA  03370650107

PB Architect ©2023  


  • Works management

  • Security on construction sites

  • Real estate consultancy

  • Feasibility studies

  • Superbonus 110% practices

  • Color projects to coordinate, monitor and regulate the colors of the urban scenarios of historic centers;

  • Cultural and Landscape Heritage Plans for the protection of historical, artistic and environmental of the territory pursuant to Legislative Decree 42 / 2004 and subsequent amendments;

  • Activities of census, cataloging and survey of Cultural Heritage;

  • Architectural design, drafting of specifications and metric calculations aimed at the restoration of Cultural Heritage and the maintenance of the building heritage

  • Activities of Safety Coordinator in the design and execution phase of building or civil engineering works for the protection of the health and safety of workers in temporary or mobile construction sites pursuant to Legislative Decree 81 /2008 and smi;

  • Evaluation of the risks for the health and safety of workers in the role of Service Manager of Prevention and Protection in the construction, industry, trade, health and social services, public administration and education, hotels, restaurants and offices in general sectors pursuant to Legislative Decree 81 / 2008 and subsequent amendments.

  • Administrative practices for the issue of landscape and building permits (CILA, SCIA, DIA, Building Permits, Usability) by Municipalities and Superintendencies for Architectural and Landscape Heritage;

  • Cadastral practices for reporting changes in the status of urban properties;

  • Practices for activities subject to fire prevention checks by the Fire Brigadepursuant to Presidential Decree 151 / 2011;

  • Design of furniture and interior architecture.

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